Neringa Mockus

Marketing & Operations Director | Luxury Real Estate Assistant

Meet Neringa

After graduating college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Neringa left her homeland of Lithuania with a suitcase and a dream of endless opportunities and goals.

She traveled the world, working in the business and fashion industries and is fluent in three languages. Immersed in different cultures, she gained a wealth of personal experiences that helped build an open personality and strong character filled with determination and commitment.

Throughout her travels, she gained a very deep understanding of what it is like to call a place 'home' and what meaning a home has in one’s heart and memories. She finds joy in hearing sellers’ stories about their experiences and memories that they have treasured in their home. She recognizes and values the trust that clients place in her and she strives to exceed their expectations both on a personal and professional level. She feels privileged to be there for clients and to work alongside Kris as they navigate this journey together.

Neringa has been with the Kris Berger Group since 2017 and she fulfills her role with enthusiasm, her strong character, positive attitude, professionalism, and team-oriented approach that allows our clients to achieve their goals. Her passion for helping others, keen eye for detail, and her focus on customer service bring a unique and meaningful connection to the team and our community.

When not working, Neringa enjoys spending time with her family and friends, exploring the city, new art exhibits, concerts, a good book or a movie, and especially searching for new places to travel to with her two children.